Without justification to back up their claims, the feds are now saying that kratom "poses adve-
rsehealth effects ranging from aggression to nervousness, hallucinations and sleeplessness"

Legal Loopholes

Because some companies have been advertising Kratom as an NDI, the FDA is automatically designating Kratom as a new dietary ingredient that has not been tested sufficiently to deem it "safe" to consumers.

However, the primary ingredient found in Kratom--Mitragyna speciosa--is not officially listed under the FDA's Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act as requiring information necessary to support its safety. In fact, the agency behind the recall of Kratom products overseas--the Indonesian National Standard--has yet to receive any complaints from consumers using Kratom who experienced serious adverse effects as a result of taking Kratom capsules or Kratom powders.

Beating Them at
Their Game

In theory, any Kratom supplier can change
the FDA's decision to start regulating all
Kratom imports bysubmitting a New Die-
tary Ingredient notification to the FDA that
demonstrates--according to the Dietary
Supplement Health and Education Act(1994)
--when [Kratom] is used under sugg-ested
or recommended conditions as a dietary
supplement, it is reasonably expe-cted
that it will be safe to use.

Is Kratom Available
in Ohio?

In May, 2007, Ohio Representative Thom Collier
introduced HB215, proposing that Kratom be
considered a Schedule I drug and legal to buy
and use in Ohio. The bill was passed in January,
2009 and remains in effect. Therefore, it is legal
to purchase Kratom capsules, Kratom powder
and Kratom wholesale online. love nothing more
than to give Kratom a bad rap by associating it
with "head shops" because some of these stores.

Kratom Threatens
Big Pharmas

Insiders and whistleblowers have always maintained
that the makers of narcotic analgesics colla-borate w-
ith the FDA to get their dangerously ad-dictive medic-
ations on the market by giving the F-DA "incentives" f-
or deeming them as safe to use. Of course, these
"incentives" would no longer be viable if Kratom was
found to be a natural and effective alternative to pre-
scription pain killers. According to Kratom users and
wholesalers, the FDA and pharmaceutical companies.

Coffee Is OK But Kratom Isn't?

Although the U.S.Drug Enforcement Agency does not consider Kratom to be medically legitimate, Kratom is actually a member of the same
family tree as coffee. Both contain more than 20 different alklaoids and both provide users with the same kind of physically and mentally
stimulating effects. However, the DEA continues to claim that Kratom produces opiate-likeproduces opiate-like symptoms and may be
addictive, tell a different story. Moreover, numerous results culled from clinical studies performed by althoug htitsingredients scientists
interes-tedin Kratomphytochemicals may work bet-t-er to help addicts overco-me a addictio-nthan meth-adone or otheranti-addicti-on
prescriptionmedications are showing that Kratom. (http://news.olemiss.edu/new-hope-for-addicts/#.U7F3ZrG8SKI).

Why Kratom Could Ruin Pharmaceutical

What pharmaceuticals pass off as "safe" pain killers are actually as addictive and dangerous as heroin. Pain medications like OxyContin,
Percocet sand Vicodin target the same brain receptors that heroin does to dysregulate levels of neurotransmitters involved in the complicated
process of addiction. If the truth about Kratom was allowed to be presented to the public untainted by unsubstantiated claims by the FDA and
pharmacueticalcompanies, theresults would be financially devastating to major drug companies. Kratom not only relieves pain and inflammation
caused by many medical disorders but it also makes people:

In higher doses, Kratom also works well to relieve insomnia by providing a calm,
drowsy sensation that allows people to relax and fall asleep naturally. Ohio Kra-
tom users continue to purchase Kratom capsules, Kratom powder and wholesale
Kratom regularly to treat a variety of other health conditions. In addition, Ohio h-
as made no concerted effort to regulate the sale of Kratom in Ohio so it is compl-
etely legal to use and buy Kratom if you live in Ohio.